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API Accounts Receivable Service

Information on Print & Mail, Transpromo, EBPP and In Plant Support Service

API's Accounts Receivable Services, combine support documents and Transpromo pieces with the invoice for delivery by Email, Print and Mail and EBPP. It allows you to focus on what makes your company what it is today - unique, competitive and successful. In today's environment, staying ahead of the competition means looking at new and better ways to do business, streamlining operations and reducing costs; being more efficient and having better documentation and financial controls. At API, we can help you achieve those goals. We provide the strategic insight necessary to identify and implement the processes which will transform your billing operations. With API's service, we've been able to help other companies reduce DSO by up to 13 days, streamline their processes, reduce headcount and reduce the headaches which come with bill processing.

Benefits of API's AR Service

  • Reduce processing costs by up to 60%
  • Improve DSO by 6 -13 days
  • Increase Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Implement in as little as 45 days
  • ROI in as little as 90 days
Major Process Components

Our solution includes an integrated process combining multiple data sources into a single bill file. Process components can be implemented individually, in phases, or all at once - whichever makes the most sense for your company.

The major components include the following:

  • Scanning & indexing of proof of service document
  • High volume invoice, statement, notice & check printing
  • Match merge of documents to invoices & statements
  • Bill presentment - electronic & paper 
  • Automated attachment of support documents 
  • Online payments: credit card, EFT & ACH 
  • Online dispute resolution 
  • Transpromo - Personalized messaging 
  • EBPP - E-billing solutions for B2B & B2C processes
  • In-Plant Support Services - Keep your printers & use API's technology for processing the bill files
Print and Mail Presentment
Create and personalize all types of paper documents such as bills of lading, timecards, proof of delivery or other documents which your company uses to provide proof of services rendered. Documents can have customized messaging used for marketing and spot color to attract attention. Utilize API's mail pre-sort option to guarantee the lowest postage rate possible and incorporate NCOA to help reduce undeliverable mail. PDF images can be created and stored for all printed items for later retrieval using a browser

Electronic Presentment
Enrollment Delivery
Provides businesses the capability to present invoices online and to allow customers to make payments electronically by enrolling in a website to view and pay their bill. Once enrolled customers, receive an email when their bill is available. To view the bill, customers login to the web based portal and access their current bill, as well as their bill history.

Push Delivery

Provides businesses the capability to send email to a customer, with a PDF attached. Customer enters their prompted password (such as a zip code) to view the PDF of the bill and pay online. After payment a confirmation email is sent back to the customer.

Add on Options
One-to-one electronic marketing to create personalized messages which are specifically targeted to each customers. Allows companies to educate and increase retention of customers. It provides an opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell new products and services. Spot color brings focus to relevant messages for readers.

Online Dispute Resolution Tools

This helps reduce phone calls and receive payments more quickly. Dispute resolutions range from online viewing of linked statements, invoices and support documentation by your company or your customers, to advanced tools where disputed line items can be changed and automatically applied to your accounting system.

Support Documents
Proof of Delivery, time sheets, freight bills, work orders, ect.

In-Plant Support Services
Allows companies to keep their printing resources and use API's technology to prepare state-of-the-art printed files. Options include: create PDF images, web portal for custom messaging, automated merging of support documents into the print stream, web based storage and retrieval, overflow printing, BCP and alternative delivery options.

Multiple Payment Options
Customers have access to a full menu of electronic payment options which include credit card, P-card, and ACH

Interfaced with your Accounting System
A feed from your accounting system provides the information for the invoices, API creates an invoice image, which is then match merged with the support documents. Once matched, bills can be created and sent to your clients in a variety of formats such as email, print and mail, EBPP, or EDI - with or without the support documentation. Invoices, statements and support documents can be electronically linked and stored in electronic archive for easy access.

What Makes our Process Different
The depth of our understanding of your unique needs and the ability to truly transform your processes is what differentiates us from the competition. We use proprietary state-of-the-art technology and provide choices which let you stay in control of your processes, while alleviating the burden of managing non-core business functions.


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