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API Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

API's Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service

API's Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) Service integrates state-of-the-art technology platforms with best practices to provide innovative turnkey billing and payment solutions that are configured to meet the needs of customers and bill recipients, while significantly reducing billing costs. API's EBPP Service allows the billers' customers to receive and view their bills or statements online and submit electronic payments using a variety of methods. This service eliminates paper and postage, and can save a customer up to 60% of their billing costs while expediting delivery of bills and statement which results in reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improved cash flow. In addition, every year millions of pieces of paper are printed and mailed to recipients, by utilizing this technology and electronically sending bills via email, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save valuable resources and reduce waste.

Service Offering

API's EBPP Service offers customers an electronic document delivery solution that incorporates simplicity, security and flexibility. API's ability and experience in delivering bills electronically or through traditional print and mail provides customers with a proven single source vendor, which is capable of meeting all of their billing needs. API's EBPP is delivered via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which allows billers to offer EBPP services without having to develop or purchase software, or the need to make costly investments in their technology infrastructure.

API's EBPP SaaS platform, experience in the billing industry and its vast array of implementation tools, enables API the ability to offer billers an EBPP solution with a low entry cost. These state-of-the art tools also allow for the creation of rich interactive electronic documents that are configured for each customer's needs and maximize their effectiveness. These tools, along with API's market experience, enable API to rapidly deploy EBPP applications so that customers can reduce costs sooner and maximize their Return on Investment (ROI).

API's secure, multiple-site redundant 24x7 operations and its annual SAS 70 Type II Audit ensure data protection and maximum system availability for its customers. Dedicated API customer service personnel are provided as the first point of contact for billers to ensure production issue resolved expeditiously. API's EBPP Service also includes multiple layers of security including the use of secure sockets layer (SSL) for payment, RC4 128 bit encryption for PDF creation.

API enables its billers to realize these cost reductions through market strategies and system flexibilities to promote customer adoption of receiving paperless bills or statements. API's EBPP Service uses different electronic document delivery methodologies and incorporates flexible electronic payment options including one-time pay, recurring auto-debit, convenience pay, partial payments, payments from ACH, credit card, debit card or phone payments. Whether its the delivery of the bill, on-line payment options, or access to billing history, API's focus on convenience and flexibility for our biller's customers promotes higher adoption rates and customer satisfaction.

Features of EBPP Service

A rich set of real time reports enables the billers' staff to analyze usage, provide transactional-level support, and reconcile transactions. Additionally, billers' customer service staff can view a complete history of bills, statements and payments through a web portal to resolve customer billing issues on the first call, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

In addition to EBPP, API's Billing Services can also improve corporate branding and open up new revenue opportunities through the use of targeted messaging and/or transpromotional marketing services. Targeted electronic marketing messages can be delivered with electronic bills based on pre-defined customer data profiles. Both of these services will enhance the billers' communications with its customers, improve the effectiveness of the communication and open up new marketing opportunities with a low incremental program cost.

  • Single source vendor with both EBPP and print and mail capabilities
                 - Seamless integration of services
                 - Secure multiple-site redundant operations
                 - Annual SAS 70 Type II Audit
  • Sustainable cost savings

           - Reduced paper and postage costs
           - Dramatic reduction in DSO cycles

  • Achieve rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

                 - Low entry cost
                 - SaaS platform
                 - Rapid implementations

  •  Improved biller service

                 - Rich set of real-time reports
                 - Complete history of all bills sent via any method

  • Ability to provide customers with choices, convenience and control
                 - Secure transactions
                 - Multiple methods of payment
                 - High adoption rates

  • Improved corporate branding
                 - Targeted messaging
                 - Biller branded portal or PDF

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