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API Document Management Service

Information on Scanning and Data Capture, DocArchive and Archive Link. 

As a business leader, its important to manage your company efficiently and effectively. One vital component which helps reduce costs and improve the management of information is the implementation of a document management strategy. Gaining immediate access to vital corporate information from anywhere in the world via the Internet can be crucial - especially when delivering exceptional customer service, obtaining new revenue opportunities, resolving payment disputes or conducting an audit. Electronic document management can also help satisfy long-term compliance regulations including SOX requirements.

Benefits of API's Doc Management Service

API Outsourcing delivers services to help you reduce costs and maximize the effectiveness of your documents throughout the information life-cycle - through ease in access, handling and storage.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminate document processing, manual filing & retrieval
  • Reduce handling & storage costs up to 50%
  • Strengthen audit trail
  • Linking of all documents associated with a transaction
  • Instant access to information from anyplace in the world
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements such as SOX
  • Eliminate cost of manually routing, faxing & copying documents
  • Eliminate document processing, manual filing & retrieval
  • Improve customer & vendor relationships with immediate online access to documents
  • Eliminate risks of document & data lost
Types of Documents Managed

All areas of a company benefit from API's Document Management services. Departments which are paper-intensive and have long-term retention needs, include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Customer Service, Claims, Human Resources, Legal and others.

Key Features

API's Document Management service contains built-in flexibility to ensure your documents are stored in a way which makes intuitive sense. This makes training simple. Our document management service is based on advanced proprietary technology.

Key features include:

  • Central electronic document repository for related documents
  • Web based for remote access from any location with a browser
  • Variable search criteria customized by user-defined fields
  • Integration of both paper-based and electronic file formats
  • Linking of all documents associated with each transaction
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format with ability to view data, email, fax or print without any added software
  • Scalable service for individual business unit or enterprise-wide application
  • Data security at the record level
  • Designed by experts using proprietary state-of-the-art technology
  • An integral component if you choose to add Workflow, AP Automation or Automated Billing Service from API in the future.

Process Components

Our document management service is comprised of the following three process components - Document Image Capture, Storage Archive and Retrieve and Distribute.

Document Image Capture

Both paper and electronic documents can be integrated into the service. Documents are transformed into a PDF format file for ease in viewing. To begin the process, paper documents are collected from a dedicated Post Office box, delivered to a API facility via freight or courier service or delivered electronically. Documents are scanned and the images are enhanced as needed. Our advanced technology includes both Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and laser scanning of 1D and 2D bar codes. Images are indexed and optionally double key verified. Other document types handled include: fax, email and EDI; which are received via internet or dedicated line using a variety of portals.

Archive Storage

This service includes a fully optimized database structure which can be easily adapted to fit other departments in your organization. Our service includes electronic linking of all related documents and provides an optional automated workflow routing capability. Your documents will be stored online and paper documents can be returned or destroyed in accordance with your document destruction guidelines.

Retrieve and Distribute

The centralized repository makes it easy to access documents from dispersed locations. Portals are available for retrieving documents by company personnel, vendors or customers. Archive Link or SOAP interface is available for retrieval from your accounting system or other corporate systems. Access is determined by your business rules. Our Internet based service includes wildcard search capabilities to help you locate those hard to find documents. Images can be combined in a single PDF file for audit or transport. Retrieved documents can be emailed, faxed or printed from the retrievers work station. Our technology includes firewall and options for encryption protection. Data security is set up at the record level as an additional safety measure.

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