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Accounting Services Multi-Units

The success of Multi-Unit retail operations rests significantly on the organization's ability to understand the customers' needs in ever-changing economic and competitive environments. This factor drives Multi-Unit retail organizations to focus its resources on customer facing parts of the operations, such as staffing the locations with individuals with strong customer skills and managers with the ability to effectively manage the performance of the employees and deploy technology and other resources that have customer touch points. This focus can often be at the expense of the back office operations resulting in the sacrifice of efficiencies and controls, which lead to the inability to obtain timely unit financial performance metrics. Unfortunately, for a Multi-Unit organization as a whole to survive and thrive in difficult economic times it is essential that it knows that each unit is meeting financial performance objectives, in a timely manner and that solid technology and processes are in place to establish control systems.

API's Accounting Services for Multi-Units uses Best Practices and state-of-art technology to ensure that processes are streamlined to reduce costs and effective controls are in place to ensure accuracy of financial statements. It is designed to take over the entire accounting function for each individual business unit, lifting numerous administrative tasks that have usually been spread across a number of employees and unit managers. This enables employees and managers to focus on their strengths of servicing customers and managing operations.

API's technology platform has been engineered to be uncomplicated and able to be seamlessly and easily integrated and interfaced with existing third party business process platforms, reducing training requirements as a result of employee turnover and eliminating redundant data entry for disparate systems.

API's Accounting Services for multi-units include the following capabilities:

  • Web based monthly accounting services
  • Digital Financial Dashboards
  • Financial Statements
  • Accounts Payable and Bill Payment
  • Payroll Services
  • Bank Reconciliation and Deposit Verification
  • Sales Tax and 1099 Reporting
  • Fixed Asset Maintenance
  • Integration Accounting System, HRIS, Document Management & POS

API currently processes millions of transactions annually and uses Six Sigma practices for high quality, consistent service. API's annual SAS 70 Type II audits provide customers with confidence that their transactions will be processed and maintained accurately, predictably and safely.

"Our partnership with API gives us the capability to consistently deliver on our promises and exceed customer expectations for service."
President and CEO,
Top Services Company

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