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Document Management Archive Link

Secure and easy access to document images is fundamental to APIís philosophy of empowering our customers. APIís Archive Link Service, sometimes referred to as ĎSOAP Link,í provides an avenue for our customers or our customersí customers to the ability to seamlessly retrieve and view archived documents stored on APIís DocArchive Service. This service utilizes technology which will make document retrieval easy and efficient through any customersí accounting system, PO system, or customer branded web portals. Leveraging the technology which is already in place and providing quick access to information expands the value our customers receive from utilizing APIís Document Management Service. The ability to access archived documents without having to remember a new site or another login, enable our Customerís Support Team to better serve their customers and vendors by resolving issues more efficiently.

APIís Archive Link Service aids in our customers success by:
  • Reducing vendor or customer calls to customer service
  • Improving vendor relationships and helping them provide better customer service
  • Improving customer retention and relationships by building brand
"All of our documents are available quickly and no longer lost or misfiled since they now all go to API."
Director of Disbursements/AP, Top Services Company
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