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Accounts Payable Services Specialized Invoices
Customers can use APIís Accounts Payable service in conjunction with APIís Pre-Payment Audit for selected invoice types such as:
Utility Bill Payment
The timely processing and payment of utility bills is critical to all companies. One missed payment can result in a significant disruption to the business. It is extremely difficult for companies which have multiple office locations to monitor various rate plans, capture detailed usage and cost data and identify errors in the bill before payment. APIís Utility Bill Payment Service uses advanced technology to ensure utility invoices are correct and paid in a timely manner. This service relieves customers from the responsibility of receiving bills, entering them into a central repository and running comparisons to historical data to identify irregularities and errors.
APIís Utility Bill Payment Service can be integrated with third party energy management systems which allow customers to actively manage usage and cost reduction programs to reduce energy usage. Additionally, pre-payment or post payment audits can be performed to prevent or recapture over payments. Billing discrepancies can be resolved directly with the utility provider.

Freight Bill Payment
APIís Freight Bill Payment Service uses advanced technology to deliver key features not found with other third-party freight payment companies. APIís freight bill processing service includes a pre-payment audit to reduce your transportation expenses, along with robust management reporting to supply you with business intelligence for better decision making.

Key Features

  • 24 to 48-hour processing commitment
  • Pre-payment audit
  • Shipper and Carrier portals
  • Robust management reporting
  • Automated Carrier notification for missing documents
  • Automated workflow including general ledger coding
  • Drill-down capabilities from consolidated bill to invoice or BOL detail
  • Duplicate payment protection
  • Full EDI capabilities
  • Payment by ACH, wire or credit card - in US or International currency 
  • Reduce processing costs by up to 60%
  • Reduce transportation expenses of up to 7%
  • Improve business intelligence
  • Improve financial control and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Reduce invoice discrepancies and disputes
  • Strengthen Shipper/Carrier relations
  • Quick ROI and implementation
Travel and Expense Report Management
The timely processing and payment of expense reports is essential to the well being of all companies. Delayed payments can result in employee frustration and have a significant impact to employee morale. Monitoring adherence to company employee expense policies is also crucial. APIís Expense Report Management Service incorporates all of the features and benefits of APIís Accounts Payables service and adds the capability of expense report audits. Reviewing expense reports and receipts is essential for companies to identify and eliminate expense fraud. Companies can choose to audit all expense reports or only a portion of the reports submitted based on defined criteria. Random audits on a certain percentage reports submitted and/or audits of reports with transactions over a certain dollar threshold can also be performed. APIís Expense Report Management Service enables customers to take advantage of APIís technology and resources to prevent or identify expense report fraud.
"API's Accounts Payable Solution will make it easy for our business clients to automate their payables process while improving their internal financial controls and vendor relationships."
Vice President,
Fifth Third Bank

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