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Billing Print & Mail

Delivering bills which are accurate and timely is important to all businesses. Being able to do this with the ability to strengthen relationships with customers is invaluable. APIís Print and Mail service utilizes an enterprise document automation technology to provide a comprehensive platform for creating and personalizing all types of documents, including bills. The result is the ability to produce sophisticated, complex transactional documents at very competitive prices.

Bills are transformed into marketing tools by the customerís ability to insert custom marketing messages directly into the bill. A web portal enables customers to preview bills, execute transfers to printer queue and insert messages. The ability to insert custom marketing messages provides customers with the opportunity to sell additional products and services, promote payment options, or inform customers about changes to products or services.

Printed bills can incorporate highlight spot colors to attract attention. The automated process to match and attach support documents to bills is effortless and fast, thus reducing turn-around time required deliver the bill and improving cash flow. Pre-printed marketing inserts can also be combined with mailings to extract the most value out of the postage expense.
A mail pre-sort is performed to qualify the mail for the lowest postage rate available from the USPS and minimize the postage expense. National Change of Address (NCOA) services can also be incorporated into APIís Print and Mail Services to help reduce undeliverable mailpieces before mail enters the mailstream. This service provides the ability to update addresses during the pre-print processing stage to eliminate time wasted on reprocessing undeliverable bills.
PDF images are created for all printed items and can be stored for later retrieval by customers or customer service representatives with APIís DocArchive Service. Document retrieval can be performed using APIís Service Manager or through the customerís accounting system or website with the use of APIís Archive Link Service. This service enhances the customerís ability to seamlessly retrieve and view their archived documents stored on APIís document archive systems by providing the ability to have a single sign-on to gain secure access to their document images.
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