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Document Management Scanning and Data Capture
The need for companies to do more with constrained resources, whether it is labor or capital investments, has driven many companies to focus their internal staff on performing higher value functions. Companies have turned to outsourcing the front-end of the document management processes, prepping and scanning documents and entering data into systems, because it frees up limited internal resources to perform mission critical tasks which have higher value to the company.

API Invoice Scanning and Data Capture Services provide customers with the ability to leverage APIís expertise and advanced tools to get the job done at a lower cost. APIís standardized processes, trained staff, creative use of and access to technology, allows it to perform the document prep, scan and data capture functions more efficiently than if the company performed them internally. In addition to the cost savings customers typically reap the benefit of a higher service level as a result of APIís Six Sigma practices and multi-shift operation.

API utilizes state-of-the-art high speed scanners with image enhancement, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and bar code recognition (1D and 2D bar codes) systems to process documents accurately and efficiently. Match merge processes with ERP data or other data from other systems which create exception files are also utilized to reduce data entry costs and ensure quality. Scanning and data capture can be performed as a back-end or front-end function.

Scanning Back-End
Invoice Scanning Service and data capture as a back-end function will provide the following benefits to companies:
  • Provides a secured central repository for documents which simplifies document management and retention
  • Reduces storage and retrieval costs
  • Eliminates lost & misplaced invoices
  • Provides simultaneous access to documents by multiple business units enabling them to resolve issues more efficiently
  • Reduces manual data entry & FTE requirements
Scanning Front-End
Scanning and data capture as a front-end function will provide the following additional benefits to companies:
  • Reduce processing costs further by eliminating the paper earlier in the processing cycle
  • Enables the integration of workflow driven automated processing (whether through an APIís workflow engine, an internal workflow engine or a third party)
  • Accelerates invoices entry into approval queues
  • Improves and accelerates the visibility of documents to enable better management and control
APIís Scanning and Data Capture Services are comprehensive, flexible, and provide customers with what they need and when the need it.

"One of the reasons we chose API was their phased approach to implementation. We get immediate control; in phase one by eliminating paper and moving it electronically in the organization while getting familiar with the new processes that will be instituted in the following phases. It gives us a chance to develop and automate optimized business rules for."
President, Top Logistics Company
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