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API has worked with manufacturing companies to implement new concepts and capabilities to improve their back office functions. API's services include opening mail, prepping documents, scanning and capturing incoming email and fax. All information can be stored, linked and routed electronically using the customer's business rules to address document management, accounts payable, accounts receivable and accounting services functions. This rich repository of information provides a single storage facility to mine for business intelligence and to do analytics. Whether it is payables invoices, billing, W2's, packing slips, delivery receipts, purchase orders, pick lists or any other document you want to have instant access and full control of, API provides that capability. The knowledge gained and best practices developed from this experience API helps companies become more efficient with their processes to achieve best-in-class operations.
"The process is really simple for the user, so we did most of the training ourselves. It doesn't take long for someone to learn how to retrieve the images. He or she can be an expert in 15 minutes."
Manager of Cash Management, Kohler Co.
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