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Transforming A/P with Document Management, Workflow, and Outsourced Labor

St. Paul, MN – June, 2008 – Aberdeen, in partnership with API Outsourcing, presented an informational webinar focused on improving accounts payable (A/P) through a combination of outsourced document management services, workflow and lower labor costs.

This webinar underlined how A/P outsourcing and automation influences the delivery of enterprise-wide value through operational efficiencies and cost savings. Additionally, it highlighted the performance advantages enjoyed by Best-in-Class organizations participating in Aberdeen’s research as a result of outsourcing A/P, and also looked at the strategies employed to establish their leading performance.

The webinar included three guest speakers including:

Bill Browning from the Aberdeen Group presented key information from an industry analysis report, A/P Transformation: Managing the Paper First to Deliver Value Later

API Outsourcing Clients discuss their experiences

– XM Radio discussed how API has solved their accounts payable and invoice management problems by using API's Document Management Solution to resolve their issues.

– NASDAQ discussed how API has solved their invoice management problem by using Document Management to scan and index their paper invoices.

Document management is a critical first step to automating the A/P process and also improves the management of information. Outsourcing and automating additional steps in the A/P cycle is the key to driving additional performance improvements. Success opens the door to other finance and accounting outsourcing opportunities