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API Outsourcing with PurchasingNet Conduct Best Practices Webinar:

API Outsourcing with PurchasingNet Conduct Best Practices Webinar:

ďEmbracing the Paper Invoice Reality: Incorporating Imaging into your P2P ProcessĒ

Implementation Case Studies: NASDAQ & XM Satellite Radio

Letís face it, regardless of your organizationís size and technical sophistication, paper continues to be a part of the invoice management process. Best-in-class companies realize that the ability to handle both electronic and paper-based invoices is critical to drive supplier adoption and increase ROI within their Procure-to-Pay (P2P) automation projects.

Learn how NASDAQ OMX Group and XM Satellite Radio have implemented invoice scanning strategies that integrate seamlessly with their automated P2P business processes. Experience how best-in-class technology solutions have enabled them to:

  - Develop a strategy for 100% invoice automation
  - Achieve rapid supplier adoption of the new processes
  - Recognize hard dollar savings of $50K-$150K per year for every million dollars managed through their P2P system
  - Reduce costly duplicate and overpayments by 1%-2% of total spend

Donít get left behind...

  - According to the Aberdeen Group, paper-based invoicing still averages 80% of all invoice transactions for most companies -- the opportunity for tremendous hard-dollar savings, process efficiency gains, and return-on-investment is significant.
  - Forrester reports that AP professionals process more than a billion B2B invoices each week; 97% percent of these are still processed manually.