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Staffing Industry Analysts Magazine Interviews API's Gary Halleen

Steen, Margaret. (2010, March). "In-House or Out?" Staffing Industry Review.

Staffing Industry Analysts, a premier advisory service for the staffing industry, interviews industry and outsourcing experts, including Gary Halleen, President and CEO of API Outsourcing, Inc., to provide insights on how different organizations identify appropriate non-core functions to outsource and how to make outsourcing arrangements successful and reduce costs.

"If the role can't lead to a senior management role in the company, then it's a good candidate for outsourcing..."

Steen, Margaret. "In-House or Out?" StaffingIndustry.com. March 9, 2010. <http://www.staffingindustry.com/ME2/dirmod.aspsid=9B6FFC446FF7486981EA3C0C3CCE4943&nm=&type=

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