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API Outsourcing Implements Archive Link Service

New and sophisticated technology will make viewing archived documents easier and more efficient by a click of a button.

St. Paul, MN – October 22, 2008 – API Outsourcing Inc. (API) (), a leading finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO) provider of state-of-the-art document management, accounts-payable processing solutions and billing, today announced their newest addition to its service offering, API’s Archive Link Service. This new service will enhance their customer’s ability to seamlessly retrieve and view their archived documents stored on API’s document archive systems. This new service utilizes technology which will make document retrieval easy and efficient through any clients’ ERP system. API has already implemented this service for a number of its customers with a variety of ERP systems.

“Secure and easy access to document images is fundamental to API’s philosophy of empowering our customers. Without having to remember a new site or another login, API’s Archive Link Service allows our customers to gain secure access to their document images, which are electronically stored at API, with one click from their own ERP system.” stated Howard Latham Executive Vice President Product and Client Management. “This expands the value our customers receive from utilizing API’s Document Management solutions,” concluded Latham.

About API Outsourcing, Inc.
API Outsourcing Inc. is a leading onshore outsourcing provider of state-of-the-art document management, accounts payable processing, and billing solution. By transforming manual, paper-dependent billing and payable processes through our proprietary imaging, printing and workflow systems, clients are able to minimize the labor-intensive work associated with back-office processing. Clients have more time to focus on their core business. Benefits include significant reductions in processing costs, increased business intelligence and improved client and vendor relationships. API is a finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO) company headquartered in St. Paul, Minn. API Outsourcing currently processes millions of transactions annually and uses Six Sigma Techniques for high-quality, consistent service.
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