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API Introduces the Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite

API has developed solutions for Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, and Document Management. As we look to improve our ability to provide customers the best possible results, we have unified our cloud-based solution to fulfill all back office technology needs utilizing a single software platform. We have chosen to brand our unified solution as the Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite.

What is the Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite?

The Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite With the launch of our new branding for our Payables Solution, Receivables Solution, and Document Management Solution, we also launched a new website that includes information on all of our solutions, as well as informative blogs on AP and AR and executive profiles with our highly valued customers and business partners. To learn more visit our website below.

Click here to visit centreviews.com

Why Centreviews?

“Centreviews” is the focal point from where you can view and optimize your cash flow, with instantaneous views of payables documents, receivables documents and other organizational documents.

It’s simple; Centreviews allows your business and team members to operate at maximum efficiency. It’s scalable; it accommodates your business as it grows. It’s secure; the solution is designed first and foremost to keep your vital information in a secure, centralized archive.

Check out the new Centreviews video on our website