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Billing Transpromo

TransPromo is one proven marketing method that can deliver relevant messaging to the most profitable and valued customers. In order to be able to develop effective marketing campaigns, many companies have been segmenting their customers or markets. They divide customers into groups of individuals with common characteristics (habits, prior purchases, trends, etc.) and into value bracket groups based on the customerís gross or net contribution margin. This process helps companies gain a deeper insight into their customers, which in turn enables them optimize marketing campaigns and expenditures to attract and retain the highest value customers and to derive a higher ROI.

APIís TransPromo One-to-One Marketing Service allows customers to implement precise marketing programs which achieve a higher ROI. APIís service utilizes an enterprise document automation technology along with customer data and demographic information to automatically create data driven campaigns with personalized messages which are specifically targeted to each customer. This takes messaging to a new level. Customers can create documents which can become a profit center to educate, help with retention and cross-sell or up-sell new products or services. The addition of spot color brings focus to the relevant messages for readers. APIís TransPromo Service also incorporates the use of efficiency metrics and monitoring that provides customers with feedback on the success rate of the marketing program. This feedback can then be used to adjust the current message or to trigger the presentment of a follow-up message. A web portal provides customers with a simple and easy way to adjust and adapt their marketing messages.
"We were doing so many custom bills for so many people that we weren't doing well."
Senior Manager Billing,
Randstad North America

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