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Billing Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)

ďGoing greenĒ is becoming a rewarding objective for consumers and companies alike. Some are motivated by environmental concerns and others are motivated by cost reduction benefits. Paperless billing is being adopted by consumers and companies at a faster pace than ever because of the benefits of cost reductions, convenience of receiving bills electronically or reducing environmental impact.
APIís EBPP Service integrates multiple eBill delivery technologies with its enterprise document automation technology to provide a comprehensive platform for creating and effectively delivering eBills and supporting documents, regardless of whether the customer is a business or a consumer. All of the design capabilities found in APIís Print and Mail Services, such as custom marketing messaging, are also available in APIís EBPP Service. Electronically billed customers can be directed to a branded website to view their eBill or an email can be delivered to the customerís inbox that contains a PDF image of the eBill. Regardless of the eBillís delivery method used, customers have access to a full menu of electronic payments options that include credit card, p-Card, debit card, and ACH.
Customer adoption is critical to the success of any EBPP implementation. APIís EBPP Services is fully integrated with its Print and Mail Service using business rules and provides companies with a seamless migration path from paper to electronic. API works proactively with companies to develop strategic EBPP plans to promote a high level of conversion to EBPP by incorporating custom marketing messages with bills which effectively communicate the benefits, such as convenience, control, and ďgreenĒ considerations, of adopting eBills and electronic payments. Promotions and incentives to encourage customers to adopt eBills and electronic payments can also be incorporated into the EBPP implementation plan to achieve higher levels of adoption.

APIís EBPP Service is intuitive, secure, and flexible. Customers and companies will appreciate having greater control over their accounts and the ability to access self-service opportunities to gain instant answers to billing questions. PDF images are created for all items and can be stored for later retrieval by customers or customer service representatives with APIís DocArchive Service.
Document retrieval can be performed using APIís Solution Manager or through the customerís accounting system or website with the use of APIís Archive Link Service. This service enhances the customerís ability to seamlessly retrieve and view their archived documents stored on APIís document archive systems by providing the ability to have a single sign-on to gain secure access to their document images.
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