Reducing Costs and Streamlining Billing for Broadcast Media Companies

Business Challenge

The fast-paced and competitive world of broadcast media necessitates effective and efficient processes. Broadcast media companies have a need to incorporate script documents with their invoices for customers to have the necessary supporting information to pay their invoices. This requirement increases the billing process time, complexity, and cost of invoicing. Billing customers, who use an internal print-only process, face even higher labor-intensive activities and costs due to the requirement for print and mail equipment, maintenance, and staffing.


API Outsourcingís Bill Presentment services deliver both printed and electronic documents to customers using a single process for all their invoices, statements, and notice requirements. APIís Bill Presentment services streamline the calendar and broadcast billing process by automatically integrating script documents with invoices. These services also provide customers with the ability to establish business rules to control delivery of invoices and to manage data.

APIís Bill Presentment services offer three delivery channels:

  1. Traditional print and mail,
  2. Branded Customer Portal, and
  3. eBill PDF attachments.

Regardless of the delivery method, APIís Bill Presentment services provide cost savings and new customer-centric billing capabilities at a fraction of the time and cost of internally developed systems.

Electronic delivery of invoices along with multiple online invoice payment options and online disputes help reduce DSO and increase cash flow.

 APIís Bill Presentment services provide customers with a single central document repository that can be viewed online. The repository can be loaded with all document types, including invoices, script documents, statements, and EDI billing data for easy access and viewing.


API is the Bill Presentment service provider for multiple broadcast media customers, each operating numerous stations. API understands the unique billing processes of this industry and possesses proven expertise with different billing systems, including the Harris® OSi-Trafficô System.

 Broadcast media companies have chosen API because of its ability to integrate disparate billing, deliver invoices using multiple bill presentment channels, and to provide robust online payments. These companies have the assurance of safe payment transactions through a PCI compliant platform and process. They find these services consistently decreasing DSO and processing costs resulting in cash flow savings, and a ROI of less than 6 months routinely reported.

ďAPI had both the print and electronic features we wanted, as well as the knowledge of our OSi-Trafficô System invoice export files. The API staff was terrific in managing the project and accomplishing our implementation goals

- Brenda Wiskirchen, Director of Operations Support, Quincy Broadcast Group

ďWe have been doing business with API since early 2007, and have found their level of customer service to be exemplary. I have often, without reservation, recommended APIís services to my peers in the broadcast industry.Ē

- Chris Schwieterman, Corporate Traffic Manager, Gray Television, Inc.